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Optimizing reliability of mouse performance in behavioral testing

The major role of non-aversive handling Abstract: Handling laboratory animals during test procedures is an important source of stress that may impair reliability of test responses. Picking up mice by the tail is aversive, stimulating stress and anxiety. Responses among anxious animals can be confounded further by neophobia towards novel test environments and avoidance of […]

N3CR News: How serious are we about asepsis for rodent surgery?

The National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement & Reduction of animal Research (NC3R) has recently published a blog from Prof. Paul Flecknell, Newcastle University on the issue of aseptic surgery. He is a  renowned laboratory animal vetenerian who specializes in anesthesia and analgesia. Read the blog here.  Prof. Flecknell is a guest lecturer for the […]