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Share aged mice with ShARM

ShARM is a not for profit organisation, open to all scientific investigators in the UK and overseas, aiming to accelerate research into ageing by facilitating the sharing of resources. ShARM provides immediate and cost effective access to aged murine models and their tissues, and promotes the networking for researchers via its online collaborative environment. Click […]

Alternative mouse handling

Alternative handling techniques for improved experimental standardisation, reproducibility and reduced stress in laboratory mice Despite decades of artificial selection and inbreeding, laboratory mice retain the fight or flight response to restraint which kept enough of their ancestors alive during predation attempts to genetically cement it into their innate behavioural repetoire. Even what might seem like […]

DART 3R Developments

All DART (Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity) tests demand large numbers of animals, as parental and offspring generations are involved, and depending on circumstances, developmental toxicity studies can be required to be executed in two species (i.e. one rodent and one non-rodent). Despite little change in the last few decades, in recent years, major updates have been made […]