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The goal of the Swiss3RNetwork platform is to promote the exchange and compilation of 3R-relevant unique expertise that is widely scattered in various teams and labs and to disseminate the accumulated knowledge, knowhow and expertise in particular to newcomers in the field.

Despite considerable achievements in the development of alternative methods (replacement), the understanding of complex interactions in the living organism still is based on animal experiments. In this respect the implementation of the principles reduction and refinement are of particular importance.

Animal experimentation is a multidisciplinary task.  Apart from scientific excellence in a particular field of the biosciences, planning and excecuting animal experiments needs basic knowledge, know-how and skills concerning various other aspects: The biology of the animal involved as well as its environmental, nutritional and social needs have to be known. The protection from and the cure of diseases has to be assured. In particular for genetically modified mutants appropriate breeding schemes have to be applied. When planning an experiment, standardization, group-size determination, randomization and blinding are important aspects. Technical skill in various experimental techniques are needed. The choice of  appropriate anaesthesia, analgesia and euthanasia, in particular the definition of early termination criteria, are essential with regard to the minimization of distress to animals. In additition, legal and organisatorial aspects as well as ethical considerations have to be considered.

Few scientists are allround experts. This is especially true for newcomers in the field of animal experimentation. Therefore, the mutual exchange of expertise is essential for the optimization of animal experiments, in particular with regard to the full implementation of the 3R principles.

The Swiss3RNetwork provides a member-driven platform to  bring together, share and distribute fragmented expertise in order to promote the 3R principles in practice: Advice can be seeked or be given in Forum 1; fresh ideas can be brought up for discussion in Forum 2; protocols and reports can be made available, in particular reports on unpublished findings or failures to replicate published studies. The accumulated information can be retrieved via a search function.

By joining the Swiss3Rnetwork you can benefit from the knowledge, know-how and expertise of  your fellow colleagues and thus improve the quality of your experimental approaches, in particular with the implementation of 3R aspects: Improvements are always possible.

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