Proposal for a new national research program (NRP)

Das Bundesamt für Lebensmittelsicherheit und Veterinärwesen hat beim Staatssekretariat für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation einen Vorschlag für ein nationales Forschungsprogramm für 3R eingereicht. Ziel dieses NFP-Vorschlags ist es, in der Schweiz eine 3R-Kultur in der Wissenschaft zu etablieren (D, F, E).

SGV Meeting 2013 – 3R Day

The second day of the Annual Meeting 2013 of the Swiss Laboratory Animal Association was dedicated to 3R aspects. Nine talks focused on various aspects of 3R implementation, ranging from political statements, presentation of alternative methods to planning and publication aspects of animal experiments.

University of Virginia Guidelines and Policy for Determination of Humane Endpoints for Animals Used in Research

The obligation to minimize or eliminate unnecessary pain and distress that animals may experience when used in research, research training, and biological testing activities is clearly stated in the USDA Animal Welfare Act and the PHS Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. To that end, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) at the University of Virginia reviews all proposed and current animal use to ensure that we, as an institution, meet both our legal and ethical obligations with regard to animal research.

Generation of transgenic mice: Replacement of vasectomized males by genetically sterile males

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure (severity level of 2) which until now is indispensable for the preparation of males which are subse‐ quently used to induce pseudopregnancy in foster females. Such females are required for strain rederivation by embryo transfer (ET) as well as other techniques that involve ET such as the production of transgenic and “knock‐ out” mice. We have recently refined all ET‐ dependant methods by generating a transgenic mouse strain carrying a dominant male‐specific sterility trait. Males from such a strain could be used directly to induce pseudopregnancy in females thus making the vasectomy procedure redundant. …

Marking transgenic mice by toe clipping of newborns

According to a new ordinance of the Federal Veterinary Office (BVET) issued May 1st, 2010, marking and biopsy taking of mice will have to be combined. Apart from ear punches, a method of choice is the clipping of toe tips of newborn mice. However, the method is dis‐ cussed controversially from an animal welfare point of view, both by authorities and the public.