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N3CR News: How serious are we about asepsis for rodent surgery?

The National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement & Reduction of animal Research (NC3R) has recently published a blog from Prof. Paul Flecknell, Newcastle University on the issue of aseptic surgery. He is a  renowned laboratory animal vetenerian who specializes in anesthesia and analgesia. Read the blog here.  Prof. Flecknell is a guest lecturer for the […]

Surgical practice without live animal – Registration is now open!

This new course of surgical practice is organized by WASP science (Without Animal Suffering and Pain) and takes place from March 15 to 17 in Lyon. Intended for technicians and researchers, it is essentially practical and accommodates no more than 12 people. More information online (french or english langage): or  

Do you know…ALTEX?

ALTEX is devoted to the publication of research on the development and promotion of alternatives to animal experiments according to the 3Rs concept of Russell and Burch: Replace, Reduce, and Refine. ALTEX publishes original articles, short communications, and reviews, as well as news and comments, meeting reports, and book reviews. Animal experiments are defined by […]

40 years Animalfree Research

Animal Free Research is a society for animal welfare as highest priority. It was founded in 1976 by Susi Goll and Irene Hagmann with the motivation is to replace animal experiments. Looking back on 40 years shows how alternative methods have developed and how AnimalFreeResearch has successfully supported this process. AnimalFreeResearch is dedicated to support […]

Animatch Switzerland

Over the last decades the number of animals used for scientific purposes has increased dramatically. Not all of these animals participate in an actual experiment. A great number of animals is also required for the collection of tissue and organs to perform cell culture studies or to establish new in vitro test systems. Others are […]

Comparative analysis and physiological impact of different tissue biopsy methodologies used for the genotyping of laboratory mice

Genotyping of genetically modified mice and control of authenticity of the genetic background of congenic or coisogenic strains by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a routine procedure that can be performed with different tissue biopsies causing variable grades of trauma. In this study, some invasive and non-invasive sampling methods were compared, with the main focus […]